On Safari

How to install CSS Scan Pro on Safari:

Step 1. Download and unzip the "CSS Scan Pro.zip" file from your Gumroad's receipt or library.

Inside it, you'll find the files README, Chrome.url, Firefox.xpi, and a .dmg file:

Step 2. Open the .dmg file (named as CSS Scan Pro + version number).dmg

Step 3. Drag and drop the application to your Mac's Applications folder:

Step 4. locate the application via Launchpad or in your Applications folder and click to open it:

Step 5. Follow the application steps to install CSS Scan Pro on your Safari:

Here's a video tutorial:

šŸŽ‰ Done! Your license is now activated, and you can use CSS Scan Pro anywhere else.ā€Œ

The extension will not ask for your license again (unless deactivated or disabled).ā€Œ

To manage your license activations in the future, use the My License page.